Mandy Key

Pilates Teacher PMA-CPT in Phoenix, AZ

Mandy Key

Pilates Teacher PMA-CPT in Phoenix, AZ

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I am a Fletcher Pilates Professional teacher in the Uptown Phoenix & Scottsdale area.

I’m currently available for private & duet Pilates sessions at Bird Dog Pilates in Downtown Phoenix!

These Private sessions will get you acquainted with all Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Pedipul, Spine Corrector, and more! During these sessions you will gain body awareness, improve your posture, regain balance, build endurance and feel outright free in your body.

I strive to give each client personal attention for their particular needs.

Contact me below to schedule your complimentary Pilates orientation.

On-Site Pilates:

Incorporate Pilates Matwork, Barre & Floorwork while also using the Fletcher Braided Towel and Magic Circles.

$15 per person | Minimum of 3 participants | choose your location! Message for more information.

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