Mandy Key

Pilates Teacher PMA-CPT in Phoenix, AZ

Mandy Key

Pilates Teacher PMA-CPT in Phoenix, AZ

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I am a nationally certified professional Pilates teacher who is new the Uptown Phoenix area. I love to travel and love to take Pilates Matwork on tour wherever I go!

My seven years of teaching experience has allowed me to work with clients who’s ages range from 12-95 in various environments such as the dance department at the University of Arizona, Amphitheater middle school, Body Works Pilates, Pima Community College, retirement communities and more!

I teach both Equipment based Pilates on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Pedipul & Spine corrector as well as group classes such as Pilates Matwork, Barre & Floorwork

Park Pilates:

I plan to teach a class this coming Thursday at 8:00 am at Steele Indian School Park.

suggested $5 donation but not required.


for a Pilates movement experience unlike any other. This class focuses on a unique breath technique, posture, balance and self awareness.

Message me here for details!

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